Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mozart by Nolan

This is not your average energy drink for shure.

Taste-You think it would be a nice creamy chocolate shake,but no,I wish it was.Instead its a carbonated drink that tastes nothing like chocolate,what it tastes like is imitation hazelnut flavoring to the max,with extreme bitterness.It smells like chocolate but tastes like complete shit.


Buzz-Okay so if you need a good boost then forget the bad taste.This has one of the best blends ever,probley in the top 3.1 g protein,150% RDA pantothenic acid and niacin.210% vit.b12.220% riboflavin.260% vit.b6.1000 mgs taurine.2,800 mgs l-carnitine,sucrose(LOL)caffeine,gaurana,green tea,inositol and glucuronolactone. Also 5mgs immune blend with.MPS oatbeta glucan,MSM and CoQ-10.


Over all rating-5.5/10

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