Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Man I didn't realize they made so many organic drinks.Organic food and drinks are made they way food and drinks are supposed to be made without chemicals or additives or pesticides just real ingredients from nature.But don't be fooled natural foods are still not 100% natural so always get 100% organic foods.That's why America is so fat because of that unnatural food,but if you eat/drink organic you wont gain any weight...proven fact!

Taste-Good you can taste the agave,and you can REALLY taste the agave,its a very addicting flavor but most wont like it.Also the passion fruit is there too.


Buzz-60 mgs vit.C.2 mgs vit.B2.20 mgs vit.B3.12 mgs vit.B6.60 mgs vit.B12.320 mgs biotin.5 mgs folate.14 mgs calcium.1 mgs zinc.125 mgs organic coffee fruit concentrate?And 80 mgs organic caffeine.


Total amount of mgs-679

Over all rating-5.75/10


  1. Nevr heard of tis drink b4 and found this flavour toda in a 12oz can for 1.99 with tax 2.25 during the upcoming week i'll probably review it. Doe's this cffee berry extract thing mean it contains 130mg's of caffeine to go along with caffeine 80mg's or no? whart is the actull caffeine amount alltogether 80 or more?

  2. Im too sure but I would imagine it has 80 mgs synthetic caffine along with some coffee type stuff since they are two different things with different numbers but the coffee fruit wouldnt have a lot of caffine, theres not a lot of that stuff because it still tastes good.