Friday, April 24, 2009

Crunk by Nolan

So lil john or big john whatever it is,he (so said) created this drink franchise.

Taste-A nice mix of pomegranate with sugar,pretty tasty,to bad its so small.


Buzz-Hay they copied my mgs thing.Instead of putting mg they put mgs.But theres a nice variation of things in here.30 mgs vit.c,7.5 mgs vit.e,375 mgs vit.b1,1.7 mgs vit.b2,20 mgs vit.b3,2 mgs vit.b6,6 mgs vit.b12,10 mgs vit.b5.50 mgs calcium,12 mgs magnesium,5 mgs selenium.And get ready for a long list.300 mgs of caffeine,inositol,green tea leaf,damiana,l-carnitine,licorice,guarana,l-tyrosine,horny goat weed,n acetyl,l-cysteine,ginko bioba,ginseng,grape seed,skull cap,white willow,ashwaganda and milk thisle.They could have put more than 300 mgs of that stuff but its a very nice list,probley the best list yet!But I still have to give it a poor rating for the lack of mgs.


Total amount of mgs-819.20

Over all rating-6.25/10

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