Friday, April 10, 2009

Tango review by Nick

It's time to do the tango! If you like Juicy stuff and you need energy, this is your drink.

Taste - Decent for a non-carbonated drink. It says that it has 100% juice but, they call it energy juice, so i guess the can is filled with 100% energy juice (hmmm that's interesting, I never knew that guarana, and taurine were made of juice). This taste is a combo of: apple, orange, tangerine, acai, elderberry, and guava juice concentrates. Ahhhh, nice juicy flavor.
RATING - 7.5/10

Buzz - Wow, they really took their energy blend serious. This blend is very similar to that of monsters, except better. Yes, that's right, this drink is better than monster. It has all the same ingredients and their amounts as monster, except Rumba has a lot of vitamins that monster doesn't. Beastin' energy.
RATING - 9.5/10


1 comment:

  1. Three for a dollar at a shell station across the street from my house. Could not agree more about the kick it has, Im not big on the flavor but 3 for $1 makes it a great deal. Probably going to buy all they have as well as Samba and Rubma.