Monday, August 27, 2012


Down at my moms grocery store trying to swift her bank card because my dad kicked me out of my house just because I was with my girlfriend. Okay gunna stop there, but yeah I found this.

Taste- Exactly what I expected. A RB clone. Its not that good but it is. Like I really enjoy drinking it but its nothing special. Maybe I'm just in the red bull mood.


Buzz- Not bad. More caffeine than most clones, and definatily nice for 80 cents. 250 mgs of caffeine in the whole can. 20 mgs niacin. 5 mgs pantothenic acid and vitamin B6 and B12.


Total amount of mgs-285

Over all rating-5.75/10

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  1. This drink is made in Poland by some mysterious company which websites disappeared from net...:)