Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Booty Sweat review by Nick

I love Tropic Thunder and Booty Sweat. Watch Tropic Thunder and drink Booty Sweat...NOW! Pop an ass open!

Taste - If you like the pussy dripin' down to the floo, then you'll like this drink. It tastes like very similar to grape jelly. When i first had this drink, I was having a PP&J sandwich and it tasted good with the grape jelly. I had to give this a 9, cuz who doesn't love booty juice?
"I love da pussy!" -Karl
"This is some tasty ass-water" -Bart
RATING - 9.5/10

Buzz - The ingreideint list here is pretty average. They don't list the amounts so, I don't think the blend is too crazy. But, you buy booty sweat for the taste, not the energy.
RATING - 3.5/10


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