Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nerd by Nolan

Wow how can this be good for your brain when it has 4 different kinds of preserves,BVO,ester gum and gum arabic.

Taste-Somewhat like amp actually very close..but no cigar.Overly sweet and gives you cotton mouth.But there is some good creamy and some coconut flavor in here and its less sour than amp our mountain dew,but the after taste is nasty cuz the carbonation just dies after a split second.


Buzz-Let me point out the unique stuff first oh wait there is none.1,760 mgs 1000 mgs taurine,80 mgs caffeine.600 mgs glucuronolactone.25 mgs gaurana.25 mgs inositol.15 mgs l-carnitine and 25 mgs ginseng.6 mgs vit.B12.2 mgs vit.B6.20 mgs vit.B3.1.7 mgs vit.B2.So tell me how is this good for your brain and how is it different from any other energy drink?


Total amount of mgs-1,789.7

Over all rating-6.75/10

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