Sunday, December 23, 2012

Rockstar: Super Sours - Bubbleberry

THIS is what I want in an energy drink! Liquid candy soda pop not being drank for any reason other than yum. Have you ever seen a bubble gum soda pop before? I know I haven't, but now we have one in energy drink form!

Taste- Maybe I'm a bit too excited but this is just so cool. I can describe the taste in two words "double bubble". Its strict bubble gum to the core. Theres not even a hint of sour, but I think that would ruin it anyway. Bubble gum should not be just gum! But it does say bubbleberry and there is a bit of roxkstar punched mixed in with the bubble gum flavor which yes, makes it even better but its still mainly the double bubble you get in the twist wrappers that are always stale. I cant wait to see more super sours from rockstar.


Buzz- Finally rockstar went out of its comfort zone for once and what did they come up with? A bad ass drink that monster cant even touch. Now for the energy part of this drink. 1000 mgs taurine. 120 mgs caffeine. 25 mgs ginseng, gaurana and l-carnitine and 20 mgs milk thistle with all 4 of your 100% RDA B vitamins. A sad realization I had about a year into reviewing is most drinks dont even contain enough of one good ingredient to do anything. Like none of these matter except taurine and caffeine. So why dont they use more? Because its not worth it to them because nobody would notice and they would loose money. Good drinks like mona vai and verve and many other drinks I cant think of off the top of my head use ingredients with purpose. But you're paying 4 or 5 dollars a can. Cant ever have both taste and touch unfortunately.


Over all rating-7.75/10


  1. You are doing the world a service with these reviews. I just bought my first can of this stuff and I'm gonna drink it tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!

  2. What does it taste like

  3. lol, I'm drinking this now. It's definitely not as good as the Super Sours Green Apple! But still good.

  4. Are you 16? Who want's a super sugary soda, that is bubblegum flavored, let alone a energy drink? My mouth felt like it was covered in sugar for days. I literally could feel my teeth rotting. Immediately I scheduled a teeth cleaning for as soon as possible. Do you actually drink these for refreshment? No I do not want my energy drinks to taste like shit but I don;t go to the fridge for refreshing energy drink? You realize that you are taking years and years off your life drinking these recreationally? I really hope people see this comment an don't take you seriously.

  5. Tastes like alcohol. weird