Monday, December 20, 2010

Whoop ass

Ive had this drink for almost 2 years now and today a reader said "hey have you ever heard of this drink called whoop ass, you need to review it" and I said yeah I do have it, but it turns out I never reviewed it for some reason. That makes me wonder if theres any other drinks I missed.

Taste- Ill try to remember to the best of my ability since its most likely ill never see this drink again to be able to drink it again. I remember the color was candy green like a liquefied jolly rancher but the drink tasted like a dusty red bull. This drink is defiantly for the looks and I would say its one of the coolest energy drinks out there.


Buzz- This drink is made by jones soda company and gives you some chalky vitamins to handle. 300% rda thiamin. 100% niacin. 310% riboflavin and 220% vitamin b6. But like all jones drinks this is made with cane sugar which probably helped the taste but I don't want to give an inaccurate review.


Over all rating-3.5/10

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  1. they cancelled that drink a while back and recently jones brought back changed some stuff up and made a better can for it.