Wednesday, March 25, 2009

iEnergy review by Nick

Talk about rare, no one else has reviewed this drink and I can't even find anything about this drink online. iEnergy, what a strange name, obviously its a spin off of the iPod but, what does an iPod have to do with energy. Maybe it's because this drink gives you robot-like (or iPod-like,lol) energy.

- This taste is most like Chinese Rocket Fuel. It's like Red Bull except with a strong cough syrup taste to it. As bad as that sounds, it's not that bad. I actually enjoyed drinking this and as you keep drinking, the taste seems to get better.
RATING - 7/10

Buzz - The blend here is hard for me to rate because besides the vitamins, they hide the rest of the blend's amounts. If I'm remembering correctly, this drink did give me a bit of a buzz, which most drinks don't do, so it is above average. Even though this drink won't give you an 80-hour battery life, it may keep you up for a while.
RATING - 5.5/10


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