Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Full Speed: Berry review by Nick

Full Speed: dec name, dec energy, low cost($1.49), an all around solid, above average NRG drink...except this one tastes like battery acid.

Taste - Yay for grape/berry flavored battery acid!, cuz that's EXACTLY wut this drink tastes like. A very bitter and sour grape/berry drink, with a highly artificial taste. I'm not sure why they named it berry because, last time I checked, grapes aren't berries. Even though it tastes like battery acid, it's still drinkable for some reason...hmmm.
RATING - 4/10

Buzz - This company actually spent some time trying to make a competitive ingredient list, unlike many other generic companies. Despite their valiant effort for out-the-wazoo energy, it just exceeds the average buzz.
RATING - 6/10


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