Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Amp:relaunch by Nolan

yupers another one.Id say these cans are to busy and have to much writing on them,i don't really like amps cans.
Taste-It tastes like orange soda,plain and simple.Maybe not as smooth as sunkist,but its defiantly orange.
Buzz-This is revive,I don't know why they only made a commercial of this one,that walk of no shame commercial.But it says it revives you with b vitamins and electrolytes,but this one has no more b vitamins than the other two,in fact it has .2 mgs less riboflavin than the red one,and I see no electrolytes in the ingredient list so it probley has barley any.Don't count on this or any of the amps to do you any good.
Total amount of mgs-494.50
Over all rating-4.5/10

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