Saturday, March 31, 2012

Red Bull: Red Edition

I am overly excited to review these oh so sacred red bulls. At least sacred to me because its the one line of drinks they decided to skip us out on here in the states. We still have everything else! :p

Taste- The initial bit or first half is very good, then I let it sit for about 15 minuets in the fridge came back and had the other half and it wasn't so good. Its cranberry flavor and its usually a hit or miss, this one was both. At first it had the perfect sweetness and went down smooth then I had second thoughts and it seemed a little bitter. Decent to say the least.


Buzz- At least you don't have to feel completely bad for an energy drink screwing up your urinary tract with the cranberry juice in here. Okay, I don't know if you people in Europe have a different way of measuring your ingredients but it seems like most of your drinks have about 32 mgs of caffeine and less b vitamins than our drinks. If its the same that's about as much as a can of coke here.


Total amount of mgs-48

Over all rating-4.75/10

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