Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Max Velocity: Sugar Free

Hello readers! I decided to put pizza in this review to make it more interesting for you since this is probably one of the least cared about drinks I will review.

Taste- Well the pizza was okay. It was papa johns 4 cheese. Now I hate papa johns and I hate authentic pizza even more. Don't call me ignorant just yet, I work at a authentic Italian restaurant called macianos and I know how to make it good. You make it fattening and American like domino's. Now my opinions on the drink; shitty sugar free red bull clone.

RATING- (pizza) 7.5/10 (drink) 4.5/10

Buzz- Pizza gave me more of a buzz than the drink.

RATING- (pizza) 6/10 (drink) 2/10

Over all rating- (pizza) 6.75/10 (drink) 3.25

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