Friday, April 3, 2009

Bump by Nolan

Everybody probley thinks this can looks stupid but I really like it,its unique.
Taste-Wow talk about sweet and sour,this is like taking pomegranate juice dumping sugar on it and then pouring lemon juice all over it,very sickening,made me pucker.
Buzz-At least its somewhat worth drinking.26 mgs niacin and vit.b6,328 mgs vit.b12,13 mgs pantothenic acid,1312 mgs taurine,328 mgs l arginine,197 mgs caffeine,131 mgs green tea,33 mgs l-carnitine,33 mgs glucuronolactone and 33 mgs inositol.
Total amount of mgs-2,462
Over all rating-4/10

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