Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blue Sky: Juiced Energy review by Nick

Another great drink by Blue Sky, this time its an energy/juice drink with a twist.

- This drink tastes like Monster Khaos with an after taste that tastes like alcohol, yes alcohol. This is strange to me because it literally tastes exactly like the after taste you get from any alcoholic beverage. I'm thinking that this after taste may just be do to rapid evaporation in your mouth, because ethanol evaporates quickly. But what would cause this drink to have this effect, who knows. Anyway, this drink has a crazy unique flavor. A great energy/juice drink with a twist; definitely worth a try.
RATING - 9/10

Buzz - Looks like they took the exact energy blend from monster and took out 300 mgs. So this is a good blend, something i would of never expected from such a rare drink.
RATING - 8/10


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