Friday, April 10, 2009

Cutting Edge: Diamond review by Nick

You don't see to many 32oz cans. I pretty sure this company went out of business. I think their stuff was pretty decent though.

- I couldn't believe that this one tasted a lot like Monster Heavy Metal. It tastes like they took red bull and added coffee to it. This sounds bad and it kinda is but, this taste really grows on you. As big as this can is, it'll be gone a few minutes.
RATING - 7.5/10

Buzz - With a 32oz can, how can this not give a good buzz? It says that it has inositol, taurine, vitamin C, Chloine, and B-Vitamins. The don't state the amounts though. When i had this drink i felt a decent buzz, more than i usually feel.
RATING - 9/10



  1. Hey dude do you know how much caffeine is in these bitches? cause i just got some from big-lots and me and my padre cannot figure it out. thanks :D

  2. i love this drink

  3. great energy drink so far i have only tried the green one but i also bought a red one (scared to drink more than one of these bitches a day) but i think that for a dollar its a great tasting deal and the buz aint bad either lol

  4. My locoal Big Lots also has the "Laser" flavor. Tastes like regular Monster. Love it. And it's a buck!

  5. Downing one on my lunch break on night shift at Winstar World Casino, the taste isn't bad, if it can keep me going the rest of the night I would give it a 9 out of 10, cause even the best can always be improved on

  6. I bought up the stock on one Big Lots store, but I can't find any more!