Thursday, May 17, 2012

X games: Wild Berry

So I was walking through big lots with my friend cat saying how energy drinks have hit rock bottom and there isn't even any at the closout stores, when I set my eyes ones this immediately after and went crazy like usual.

Taste- I want to like it a lot but there is just something holding me back. Its got the red bull taste (probably just from vitamins) with a berry flavor. I always said how I was they made different red bull flavored drinks, Ive only tasted at few at most but they were always great. This one is just a little too "dry" if I can find a word to describe it, but still unique.


Buzz- I like this, it boasts about being taurine free. 876 mgs gaurana, caffeine, ginko bilboba, ginseng and echinacea flower. It was a nice clean buzz from the natural real working ingredients but also fast with the gaurana and caffeine. All the sugar really didn't help though and while it has the perfect ingredients its not enough to meet my standards.


Total amount of mgs-876

Over all rating-6.5/10

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