Thursday, December 17, 2009

Full throttle:berry

Whats tastier than shullsburg spreadable cheese? Full throttle berry!

Taste-First off sorry fellas this isn't furry come back from the dead in fact its something much better. Its got a candy taste with some strawberry, so basically like strawberry candy with carbonation. Kinda like a jolly rancher but not as sour. Its not over bearing sweet its actually just right. It would also make a great mixer.


Buzz-Still don't understand why they destroyed there beastly energy blend to bring us a "easy going" energy blend. That's not why people drink energy drink, for a little energy. If we drink one we want to be going FULL THROTTLE not first gear. 100 mgs caffeine, d-ribose and niacin. Also 100% RDA vitB12 and B6. 25% pantothenic. acid. The crappy blend ruined a perfect drink.


Over all rating-7/10

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