Wednesday, March 23, 2011

xenergy: orange fuel

Seems like the only place I can find drinks I don't have anymore is out of town, and it kind of sucks because I'm 18 without a car or job and I live with my parents so its hard to travel. But yesterday we did take a little over an hour trip north to Madison Wisconsin where I found this at some odd grocery store. Madison's also where I found rehab, sorry Rockford we have about another month.

Taste- Naturally flavored but it sure doesn't taste like it. Sometimes you can let that sugar free taste slip by and think to yourself its not but then theres drinks here that should basically be called sucralose flavored. I don't know maybe I'm being a little harsh, maybe after rehab every sugar free drink will just be garbage, might as well be.


Buzz- 1,350 mgs taurine, caffeine, glucuronolactone, gaurana, ginseng, inositol and l-carnitine. I hate when they just list the blend like that instead of each ingredient separate. I bet you 1000 of its just taurine. At least monster will separate the taurine and the ginseng from their blend list. Here I go with the monster again, anyway 50 mgs pantothenic acid (impressive) 10 mgs vitamin B12. 5 mgs vitamin B6 and 20 mgs niacin.


Total amount of mgs-1,450

Over all rating-6/10


  1. Yay you found it! You probably dont remember but i was the one who told u about it

  2. haha yeah I remembered you when I saw it