Thursday, June 24, 2010


What came in the mail today? Ohhh its the drinks some nice lady from this gym on an island of the United Kingdom. This is one of fourteen drinks I will be reviewing this week.

Taste-I really want to get that Jesus energy drink now so I can see which is better. Probably not this one. A dull RB clone that tastes sugar free to the max. This drink comes from London so I wouldn't expect anything different.


Buzz-*WARNING HIGH CAFFEINE CONTENT* it says this when there is exactly as much caffeine in this as a can of regular mountain dew. Europe you are stupid. Along with that you have .4% RDA taurine (wow they have a recommended daily amount of taurine in Europe? They need that in America defiantly, but .4% WTH?) 8mgs niacin. 2 mgs vitB5. 0.8 mgs vitB6. 0.6 mgs vitB2 and vitB12. This just makes me laugh, I want to give it a -10 rating just because its so pathetic but I cant.


Over all rating-2.5/10

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