Saturday, September 22, 2012


This drink is hot in Chicago. All the liquor stores, smoke shops and 7-11's have it. Don't have me why because its made in California.

Taste- Guys, sometimes this is really hard. Describing a taste isnt as simple as you think, but I would say I still do a pretty good job at it. This one just taste like an energy drink pure and simple. But I cant say it tastes like monster, rockstar or red bull. Fuck if anything it might taste like all three combined. Its tart but not too much, its got a little of that sweet apple taste and its kind of heavy at the same time. Its sweetened with organic dried cane syrup which tells you this is a quality drink. Maybe thats what they were going for, a combination of all three because they could decide which to mimic. But it worked, I like it.

RATING- 7.5/10

Buzz- This gave me one of those rushes where you can tell it wasnt only shitty caffeine kicking in. It was a nice real, powerful boost and might last you they rest of the day (if you arnt prone to energy drinks like me) 25 mgs l-glutamine, l-caritine, inositol and ginseng. 600 mgs glucuronolactone. 200 mgs gaurana (NICE!) 80 mgs caffeine. 1000 mgs taurine and 100% of all your b vitamins. Major points for the high amount of gaurana which is a natural form of caffeine that is twice as powerful as it!


Total amounts of mgs-2019.7

Over all rating-8/10

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