Saturday, October 10, 2009


Haha so I just reviewed live now I'm reviewing life and then less than thirty seconds ago the song lifeless came on by Chelsea's grin. Isn't that ironic?

Taste-A citrus with a odd taste to it which comes from one of the energy ingredients called maca. Kinda gives it a earthy taste but not really, its just to hard to describe but its good but not anything to call home about.


Buzz-YAY something besides vitamins for once. 60 mgs panex ginseng,ginko biloba, maca and caffeine. Sorry but with 15 mgs each thats not going to do jack shit, while maca has no energy benifits it is good for sexual enhancement, no it doesn't increase anything but it arouses you. Its a root found in Bolivia and Peru. 7.6 mgs vit.B5 and B6. 59 mgs vit.B12. 32.5 mgs niacin and 2.8 mgs riboflavin. You get tiny extra points for a new ingredient but failed to put barley in there so low points for you.


Total amount of mgs-160.5

Over all rating-4.75/10

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