Monday, August 20, 2012

Xenergy: Twisted Tangerine

I know Ive told you folks this before you cant eat pizza without a tasty beverage that just burns your throat. So I knew I needed to grab my last xenergy out of the fridge!

Taste- This drink is fucking great! It took me awhile to decide if I want to give it a ten or a 9 or 9.5. Now I cant just be throing tens out there and Im sure Ive only rated a handful of drinks with a ten on either buzz or taste and this is awesome but it didnt exactly blow my mind (but it was close). It tastes just like a dreamsicle but its sugar free and has a tangerine cream taste instead of just orange. It doesnt daul down nor can you taste the sugar free'ness. There is no bad after taste. The only small reason Im not giving it a ten or 9.5 is because its true it doesnt taste sugar free but its still strong and heavily carbinated where as more sugary drinks like an original monster are more smooth. But still if you see this drink buy it! The best xenergy for sure!


Buzz- 11.5 mgs of caffeine per ounce so that's about 170 per can. That's okay, and then 100% rda niacin. 80% B12. 260% B6 and 500% pantothenic acid which you never see. Its usually the least amount of the vitamins (around 50%)


Over all rating-6.75/10

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