Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nuclear: Pomegranate Berry

You could probably say this is one of the drinks with the lowest over all rating.

Taste- I'm basically a psychic when it comes to energy drinks. Ive known how each one of this drinks were going to taste even before I tried them. When it comes to that point, you know your a good reviewer. I was surprised that I knew this one. Its just like pink rockstar or any kind of energy drink they try and make for chicks. They always make them pink and they taste like something a person should not drink. Like cleaning product. Just harsh, fake, not sweet or refreshing. I hate these drinks and when I say I hate a energy drink I mean it!


Buzz- I see it has taurine first, caffeine then glucuronolactone in the ingredients but it only mentions 90% rda vitamin B3. 240% B6 80% B12 and 45% pantothenic acid. I hadn't had an energy drink in 24 hours (which is surprising for me lol) and I drank this in the morning and could feel it working for a few hours so it must have a decent amount along with that wonderful sugar but I cant count it on the rating.


Over all rating-2.25/10

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  1. This drink is the Nectar of the Gods, especially the pomegranate berry. The taste is so addicting it is scary. Nothing refreshes and recharges like these drinks, they blow Monster away. I worked at Wal mart 3 years recently and they beat any higher priced energy drink hands down. This drink is a 10+ buy one today, buy more tomorrow.