Sunday, March 22, 2009

Go girl:glo by Nolan

I dont know if this is the original or not,so i just put glo.

Taste-I think it tastes exactly like full throttle unleaded,its not exactly sugar free it still has 8 gs of sugar and 35 calories.But it almost tastes like its fully caloried.But its still harsh and kind of boring.Oh i see here it says its a flavor of pomegranate and star fruit.It tastes nothing like pom. and what the hell is star fruit,they probley just made that up.


Buzz-Its says it keeps your skin healthy with 10 mgs aloe vera,but its just a marketing tactic.Its also got 10 mgs CoQ 10(which processes food into energy,and its also good for the heart.)75 mgs caffeine,508 mgs super citrimax,500 mgs taurine,35% RDA vit.b12,25% RDA vit.b6 and riboflavin,10% RDA folate,6% RDA iron and vit.e and 10% RDA calcium.


Total amount of mgs-1,220

Over all rating-6/10

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