Monday, August 3, 2009

Nitrous Monster: Anti Gravity review by Nick

So, I've finally chosen to write another review. I wonder who's ass Monster pulled this idea from, actual Nitrous Oxide + Monster. This can is a 12 ouncer (2 bad) with a resealable cap (I'm glad they did that). I really like the Anti Gravity can design, the orange fire circles contrasting with the black classic Monster slash makes this drink look really appealing.

- Anti Gravity has a Orange/Mango taste. But, WTF does Nitrous taste like? Well, it really doesn't taste like much. It adds more to the texture than the actual taste; It causes the drink to become foamy, giving it a foam head. And unlike most foam heads, this stuff tastes good. I was dissapointed to find this very similar to all the other energy/juice drinks, khaos for example. But that doesn't mean that your taste buds won't be singing.
RATING - 9/10

Buzz - Wow, Monster continues to amaze me. The blend from this 12oz can is as powerful as a regular 16oz. Monster. This is probably why they put this a smaller can. Just think of the kick you'd get from drinking a couple of these bad boys.
RATING - 9.5/10


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