Thursday, August 2, 2012


My poor cans. I need to start taking better care of them. So my friend Avery Hage over at notified me I'm just one rating above him on the blog top sites and I'm over 75 spots down from caffeineaholic (some blog Ive never even heard of) and my old time pal has 5 more reviews than me. Ive kept my head out of the game too long. Its time to get those ratings up! Will you guys help me?!

Taste- First of all this drink is the shit because it says stay pure on the back! This is very natural tasting which I have no problem with. It wasn't made to taste like a sugary pop so if your buying it you really shouldn't care either. I would compare it to the V8 drink that has half veggies and half fruit but if you but more veggies. There isn't any in here but its orangeish and just reminds me of it with some carbonation.


Buzz- I wish we had healthy decent priced drinks like these for sale around here. I would slam one before working out. This is the first drink with kombucha (an ancient healthy food culture that contains organic acids and enzymes that may help your body find its natural balance, which promotes over all well being). Now that's an ingredient I want in my body. This drink contains 430 mgs kombucha, caffeine from gaurana and ginseng. Also a little less than average amount of all your B vitamins and vitamin C. Big up on this new ingredient to me and for keeping it pure!


Total amount of mgs-665.95

Over all rating- 6/10

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  1. Couple things: It's actually, and now you are 5 spots ahead of me. Way to go, dude!