Monday, June 14, 2010

Beaver buzz:core

Woke up after going to bed a 5:30 and grabbed this, my last energy drink in my fridge. I almost want to cry. But looking at the flavor it says core, what is core? I don't know but it sounds hardcore and not healthy and gooooood.

Taste-Great I got my hopes up for another red bull clone. And not necessarily a good one either. Its pretty wheaty and gives me no reason no ever buy another one. Oh wait I couldn't anyways lol. But for the first few sips it does have a really great after taste, like it goes from bland to really sweet. But it only lasts the first three sips.


Buzz-With core they changed the energy blend up a bit giving you a little more of some with some extra ingredients but while taking out a lot. Like 100 more taurine, 100 less caffeine, 200 more ginseng, 134 less gaurana, 30 mgs niacin, 8 mgs glucuronolactone, 8 mgs inositol, 8.7 vitB6, 3 mgs vitB2 and 9 mgs vitB12. You get more mgs but less of what you want, especially caffeine. So with this one your sacrificiing good taste for energy.. not worth it.


Total amount of mgs-2070

Over all rating-6.75/10

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