Friday, October 15, 2010

Guayaki yerba mate:enlighten mint

I was never one of those people who live to preserve nature, but some of the products those people come out with are pretty interesting.

Taste-If you have ever had mint green tea this is similar except with a lemon taste. But that "lemon taste" is really the bitterness from the yerba mate. Sweeteners used are organic cane sugar and organic honey. You can only get so far with organic things, so most are pretty boring.


Buzz-Well obviously this drink is all about yerba mate. I'm not sure how much is in here but I can tell you its a lot considering you can taste it and its the second ingredient. Besides that we have 150 mgs naturally occurring caffeine. Yerba mate is made from leaves in south America and according to the ache guayaki tribe it has powerful rejuvenating effects.


Totall amount of mgs-150

Over all rating-5.5/10

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