Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Monster: Rehab - Pink Lemonade

Pretty soon were going to have more rehab flavors than originals. As usual I found a pic of this on facebook like 4 days before saw it in stores. What would we do without internet? We wouldn't have porn or energy drink heaven!

Taste-When the original came out I was amazed, and they have only gotten better from there (besides that orangeade crap lol). But that was almost 3 years ago its crazy to think. I loved it because it was the perfect energy drink and the taste shocked me because it was one of my favorite Arnold Palmer drinks and I absolutely love this too but I cant give it a ten because its nothing exactly new or amazing to me. Its like original but with a more sweeter taste rather than a lemon bitterness. Its refreshing, tasty, unique and only 10 calories.


Buzz-Something new here. No new ingredients but now we don't know how many millagrams are in here. Actually Ill just show you a picture this time.


Over all rating-8.75/10

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