Monday, July 25, 2011

Archer Farms: Coffee- Vanilla

There is my little mooger boushe again posing for this drink after I woke her up from her nap. She seemed scared of the can.

Taste- Just as I assumed watered down coffee with a sour vanilla taste. Usually everything vanilla is delicious, but this drink just mocked it. I don't know what gives it the artificial sweetener taste when they only use sugar and not much of it considering its only 100 calories. This is even worse than the mocha. Its hard to make a bad iced coffee but archer farms is good at it.


Buzz- Cool so they give you the amount of caffeine that's in the coffee itself which is only 60 mgs (thats 5 less than mocha and the original which I will review next) since its so watered down with even less coffee and they brag about how its vitamin rich with only 25% rda of your b vitamins, vitamin d and c. This will not give you any sort of energy.


Over all rating-2.5/10

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