Monday, March 16, 2009

Playboy sugar free by Nolan

Ha playboy the most popular porno in the world.Of course they wouldn't be complete without an energy drink.
Taste-A well made red bull clone.
Buzz-This one will make your ding ding bigger!And give you the appetite for sex!2 mgs riboflavin,20 mgs,nacian,5 mgs vit.b12,5 mgs pantothenic acid.and a energy blend with 1,600 mgs..which contains(caffeine,taurine,horny goat weed extract (herb),panax ginseng (for the dingsing),guarana extract(seed),damiana leaf extract (leaf),glucuronolactone,inositiol,l carnitine,schisandra extract (berry).even with all those ingredients it only has a few mgs of each so its pretty weak.
Total amount of mgs-1,632
Over all rating-4.5/10

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