Sunday, August 23, 2009

All city NRG

BOOOOYAH BABY!The 3rd rarest energy drink in the U.S. according to taurine rules and I (or nick) found it.But I'm not telling where,but theres a hint on the next can.So some artists from NY got together and wanted to design an energy drink so arizona let them use there tea drink blah blah on to the review.

Taste-Ehh crappy tea,maybe its just the fruit flavor they use which is pomegranate and apple juice.They also use orange blossom honey.But you could take it for a unique tasting tea or a crappy tasting tea.


Buzz-Going all city means going all out!1000 mgs taurine.150 mgs caffeine.100 mgs ginseng,inositol,gaurana and glucuronolactone and 35 mgs milk thistle.100% RDA Vit.B6,Vit.B12 and pantothenic acid.


Over all rating-7.5/10


  1. that is 150 mg caffeine per serving and there are 2 per can for 300mg total. Not a lot of energy drinks this size have that much caffeine. Did you find all 3 versions? Same drink different label.

  2. The can you don't have.