Wednesday, October 28, 2009

xenergy:cherry rush

This might be my last review for awhile, I hope not but I'm running out of drinks to find. I updated my can collection with another photo at the bottom, check it out.

Taste-A citrusy drink with a nice cherry finish. The drink stays strong the whole way through without losing flavor. Once again xenergy impresses me with of the best sugar free drinks ever.


Buzz-I was maxin on crash bandicoot for the PS1 with the energy it gave me (best games ever by the way). 1350 mgs taurine, caffeine, glucuronolactone, gaurana, ginseng, inositol and l-carnitine. 50 mgs pantothenic acid (!) 5 mgs vit B6 20 mgs niacin and 10 mgs vit B12.


Total amount of mgs-1,435

Over all rating-8.25/10

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