Friday, December 3, 2010

Long haul:berry blast

Ive heard a lot of crazy things about this drink, so I was crazy enough to drive an hour on the freeway to the truck stop that I heard sold it with my piece of shit car that is about to break down. And yeah I made a wrong turn and had to drive forever out of my way to get back on low gas.

Taste- Maybe a berry red bull? Its got the energy drink taste (which would be red bull) but with some berry flavor, so if you think a berry red bull sounds nice that's what this is like. Although its probably not as good as you would think.


Buzz- This guy that I worked with said he had this at 12 am and could fall asleep till 7 so I was expecting something strong and this is made for truckers so you would think it would be potent. I was running on three hours of sleep (well I still am) drank the mutha fxcker and it didn't really do shit. I had some shock coffee about an hour before and that did the trick but not this really. Okay lets see whats in it.100% RDA vitamin B3, 5 ,6 and 12. 860 mgs taurine, kola nut, green tea, green coffee (?) blueberry extract, ginseng, pomegranate and lutein. Yeah I don't see how that did it for him. Maybe it was all in his mind.


Total amount of mgs-1074.5

Over all rating-6/10

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