Monday, March 16, 2009

Franks: Lime review by Nick

I think this drink should be called Arnold's but that's just me. Crazy lime flavor. If you live near Austria, you should give this drink a try.

Taste - The title says it all, this drink tastes like a carbonated lime beverage. The lime flavor is actually quite strong. If you like lime, then you will most likely enjoy this drink.
RATING - 7/10

Buzz - Unlike what the can says, this drink refreshes only the body; giving some zombie-like physical stamina but, offering no psychological energy whatsoever. Similar to Red Bull ingredients but has more pantothenic acid.100% RDA niacin,80% RDA vit.b12,250% RDA vit.b6,200% RDA pantothenic acid.
RATING - 3/10


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