Saturday, April 4, 2009

TroopFuel: Sugar Free review by Nick

Oh, so just because they take the sugar out, they think that they can call this 'Health + Energy'. I'm sure that makes it healthy...if you want a brain tumor. Can you spot the (sugar free) subliminal message.... If you didn't spot it yet, there is a nifty T & F in the symbol below the name. Pretty cool huh.

- This tastes like the traditional TroopFuel (which tastes like strawberry and apple) and that annoying sugar free taste you get in all sugar free Jell-O. I'm really getting sick of that flavor. Stick with the original.
RATING - 3/10

Buzz - Though they took the time to list all their ingredients on the front of the can, they forgot to list the amounts of those ingredients on the back. That's code language for 'this drink gives you no buzz'. I'd say this is a below average buzz. I would have expected more from liquid used to fuel troops.
RATING - 4/10


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