Friday, August 24, 2012

Ex: Chill Out

Our very last drink from California. It took me basically the whole summer to review them. But its crazy how I haven't not had one now drink to review this summer and probably for awhile to continue. It almost feels like a blessing as a reviewer haha, because I'm usually always on a dry spell.

Taste- Its very apparent that this drink isn't flavored with anything and its basically just fructose (a natural sweetener from fruit sugars) and carbonated water. If you didn't know that it would be okay. Its like if they took sprite and removed the lemon lime flavor. You know exactly how it tastes now.


Buzz- If you have kept up on my blog by now (which you all should) :) you know how each of these ingredients work. But I found out that most of them come from the very old ages. Valerian from Italy and lemon balm from Greece. I needed to go to bed early but right when I was about to drink it I got pretty tired anyway for some reason. And afterwords I was just as tired. Maybe my body knew what was coming. Oh I forgot to mention the vitamin amounts, oh well I'm too tired now :)

RATING- 5/10

Over all rating-5.5/10

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