Monday, April 16, 2012

Red Bull: Zero Carb

I can finally show you guys my costume Red Bull Nike Dunks, and not as big of a deal of course, but still a big deal. The first new Red Bull here in the states since the originals! Too bad its not a interesting flavor like strawberry or some soda flavor. Hey look I'm actually reviewing a Red Bull and not a clone!

Taste- It just looks depressing and dull. Like who wants to drink a gray colored can that they know is zero calories. I'm telling you company's if you want energy drinks to blow up again we need sugary delicious flavors! The rehabs and hydration's and everything those company's are doing is great but it time to go back, you set the example for other lesser company's, now its their turn. Anyways This drink is really great. Its way better than sugar free Red Bull. In fact there's no point for that drink anymore, and a less need for the original if you can drink this without sugar. Its got the same Red Bull taste that's so addicting with no aspartame taste. I didn't expect this but good job Red Bull. It sure took you awhile.


Buzz- After all these crappy German RB clone reviews I can review a legit one and not say "Your typical RB blend" even though it still is. 100% niacin. 250% Vit.B6. 80% B12. 50% pantothenic acid and 80 mgs caffeine. The original masterpiece that doesn't really compare to any of the big drinks now. At least its not getting crazier and were adding more and more caffeine.


Over all rating-5.75/10


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