Wednesday, March 25, 2009

xenergy: big apple review by Nick

This a semi-pro drink. It's endorsed by the UFC. These d00ds really took their xyience seriously, but somehow forgot how to spell.

- I gave this a 5 because I'm really on the fence here. This almost tastes like real apple, which is uncommon because most apple flavored drinks and candies taste like fake-apple. And somehow there is a slight tea-like aftertaste sometimes, how that got there, idfk. Actually, as i keep drinking, that tea taste is becoming more prevalent. This is one of those drinks that some people will like and other will hate; it's all opinion.
RATING - 5/10

Buzz - This is a good blend, and since the UFC endorses them, I'm not surprised. This drink definitely does increase your focus and vitality. If your gunna pick a fight, pick up an xenergy.
RATING - 8/10


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