Monday, October 5, 2009


I really went out of my way to get this one. A ten mile bike ride straight through the ghetto plus I had to stop at my friends house to get $1.99 in change and go all the way back. Plus not to mention they had two rare ones but I only had enough for one sadly.

Taste-I'm glad its a red bull clone, havnt had one in awhile. Its a decent one too! No BULLshit here. But even tho it tastes good it has points knocked off for not being original. But it is better than RB.


Buzz-I have yet to see a RB clone that doesn't have a RB blend or something close to it. 20.2 mgs niacin. .18 mgs Vit.B12 (HAHA thats 2% RDA!) 5 mgs Vit.B6. Well I'm sorry but you just scored lower than RB.


Total amount of mgs-27.98

Over all rating-3.25/10

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