Sunday, May 10, 2009

Crunk:citrus by Nolan


Taste-Bazing,this might be the most shocking flavorful citrus Ive even experienced,its just full of flavor that wont go away,and with all those ingredients in here I'm shocked its not bitter at all.


Buzz-30 mg vit.c,7.4 mgs vit.e.20 mgs vit.b3.2 mgs vit.b6.6 mgs vit.b12.10 mgs vit.b5.50 mgs calcium.12 mgs magnesium.3.7 mgs selenium.282 mgs caffeine(97mgs)inositol,green tea leaf,damiana,licorice,gaurana,l-tyrosine,horny goat weed,n acetyl,l-cyrstiene,ginko bioba,ginseng,grape seed,skull cap,white willow,ashwaganda,milk thistle.It might seem like that's a lot but its really just as much as most amps.


Total amount of mgs-423.1

Over all rating-6.5/10

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