Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ol glory-new

Last night my hopes were there highest as I was about to see one of my favorite bands chelsea grin. I get there and it ends up there van broke down in Canada. You don't even know how disappointed I was, but I did get to pay 4 BUCKS for this one dollar drink at the bar. Thankfully it was a new version of the old crappy drink.

Taste-As the original was a RB clone they changed it to a citrus drink. I guess this drink makes the perfect mixer, that's what the guy said. It has a taste of dirty water just like nick said. So its essentially like sierra mist with dirty water. Beats the original though.


Buzz-Well at least you get more for your dollar (or four dollars) now. 25 mgs ginseng, gaurana and inositol. 80 mgs caffeine. 1000 mgs taurine. 6 mgs vitB12. 2 mgs vitB6. 10 mgs vitB5 and 20 mgs vitB3. The original only had the B vitamins. I guess they got the money to pay for the extra stuff my having a add at the top of there can. That's not a bad idea, I guess they place adds anywhere these days. Obviously this drink ISN'T WORTH FOUR BUCKS.


Total amount of mgs-1,193

Over all rating-6/10

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