Friday, May 8, 2009

Freek:thrill her by Nolan

I don't think making drinks just for girls is a good idea,cuz it doesn't make them want that one over a different one and then guys don't want to buy it cuz it makes them look gay.Have you noticed they don't spell freek the right way,it should be freak.

Taste-A pink lemonade flavor,very overly sweet with a lot of sugar free harshness,some raspberry flavor with no bad aftertaste.If it just wasn't so harsh I could give it a better rating.


Buzz-1016 mgs taurine,102 mgs caffeine,101 mgs inositol and 8 mgs guarana.6 mgs vit.B12,403 mgs folic acid,2 mgs vit.B6 and 72 mgs vit.C.Does this list look familiar?That's because before rip it's wild horse made freeks.


Total amount of mgs-1,710

Over all rating-6.75/10

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