Friday, February 22, 2013

Monster: Mad Dog

Went down to the neighborhood smoke shop about half an hour ago and found 3 of these behind the counter. The cool Arabian dood said the owner gave them to him because they're new and hes going to sell them soon, so of course I asked if I could buy one and he said sure.

Taste- Disappointed at fist I was like; hey isn't this just monster dub? It pretty much is much with more of just the grape flavor. These two new dubs are very sweet and candy like which I love but not whens its over done which is why I'm not a fan of any punch or grape drink. So if you love grape, snag one of these. But I don't like grape, I think its bland, fake and over done and the original monster dub better stay around or I'm going to be very made that it was replaced by this. Id rather have a unique blend of original monster and grape over just grape.


Buzz- At least they changed things up from the two new drinks. This one has a little more caffeine less of everything else and some added green tea and yerba mate? Weird. 2500 mgs glucose, caffeine  l-canitine, glucuronolatone, gaurana, inositol, green tea, yerba mate, maltodextrin. 200 mgs ginseng. 1000 mgs taurine and 100% of all your b vitamins.


Total amount of mgs-3,729.7

Over all rating-7.5/10

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