Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sobe adrenaline rush by Nolan

I steped on this can and still managed to put it back into place.

Taste-Nice brootal taste,I want to say red bull clone but its not,but its very familiar in many NRG drinks.You guys probley know what im talking about,ami right?


Buzz-This is why they say energy drinks are bad,its got 2 dibiouse ingrdients>Gum arabic(addictant,also found in all mountain dews and most sobe drinks) and ester of wood rosin(which shurley gives you energy,but its so powerful that indians used to use it to kill people,makem go crazy,and of course its not exactly good for you.)Its also got dat high fructose corn syrup that most drinks use for sweetener now to save money,its bad cuz its not at all natural and its harsh on your body. But besides that here is the energy list.60 mgs vit.c,4.8 mgs vit.b,120 mgs folic acid,6 mgs vit.b12,20 mgs potassium,960 mgs taurine,480 mgs d ribose,240 mgs l carnitine,96 mhs inositol,76 mgs caffeine,48 mgs guarana,24 mgs panax ginseng.Impressive.


Total amount of mgs-2,134

Over all rating-8/10


  1. The ingredients might be sketchy but this is far and away the epitime of energy drinks. I typically have very slight reactions to energy drinks but my reaction to this stuff was jittery and very hyperactive the first time I had it.

  2. The very best Energy Drink on the market hands down!
    Everytime I stumble across it in a convenience store, I buy as many as I can. I don't know why it is so hard to come by. Other energy drinks either upset my stomach, made me crash or just did not deliver that kick.

  3. SoBe discontinued making Adrenaline Rush. Go to: to petition SoBe to bring back our favorite energy drink!