Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Red jack:low carb by Nolan

After that horrible jetset experience I'm trying to remember this.

Taste-Just your run of the mill low carb drink,nothing good nothing bad.Just don't drink it warm and ull be fine.


Buzz-Nothing changed.


Total amount of mgs-1,386.80

Over all rating-5/10


  1. Taste like Red Cream Soda. Cost $.99. I always pick one off these up, when i'm strapped for cash. The carry-out that i get it from sells more Redjak then all the other energy drinks combined. I'm sure price is the ultimate reason for this but the taste is also good.

  2. Trying the low carb version out 16oz can 70 cents. 1st big red jak├ębig red drink 4 me and its really fucking good. Fruit punch and kinda bubble gum for taste and or smell. Work`s good. yes drink it COLD cheer`s. Only issue for me is i got it out of town so i dunno if i can ever have it again.