Sunday, November 25, 2012

Jamba: Crisp Apple

I love doing reviews while Im on the toilet. And yes that where this picture was taken. You guy like my 10 year old laptop? At least it gets the job done.. Barely.

Taste- Popped the top and it smelled so great and fresh. Couldn't wait another second to taste it, and then!.. major let down. Its not as frsh tasting or as appley as I thought. I know why I got all excited. The smell reminded e of rockstar apple. I miss that drink so much, it was so good. Do they even sell it in america? Ive never seen it. Ive had it twice from my friend Kevin Energy. Anyway we are reviewing this drink. Its watered down like the last one and just mixed with some apple juice, oh yay. It also has a bit of lemon juice which is a nifty idea and I believe I can taste it. Tastes a little better than blueberry pom though.


Buzz- Just some added 80 mgs caffeine to label it an "energy drink". Its trying to compare itself to a cup of coffee and the leading energy drink.


Total amount of mgs-80

Over all rating-3.75/10

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  1. you dont have a review from the rockstar apple