Sunday, September 2, 2012

Killer Buzz: Livid

Finally wrapping up these reviews and Ill be left with nothing to review.

Taste- An average grape drink, I'm getting more adjusted to grape energy drinks. Its taken about 4 years but I'm starting to like them. All of these killer buzz drinks kind of have a similar trait, its a certain taste and mouth feel I don't know how to describe. Light maybe, so you could say this is a light grape flavor that will still satisfy your sweet tooth.


Buzz- Caffeine, taurine and a blend of 17 amino acids that they call the giant hornet amino acid. Used in ancient china it is said to give you the energy of a ragging hornet. Too bad there is no information on what those 17 but we know it comes from the larva secretion from the Asian giant hornet and its also what they live off of by regurgitating it and eating it. If you didn't know, that's what honey is; pollen that bees puke up. If you want to talk about a unique energy drink. You have it here


Over all rating-7.75/10

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